NAUTI PEARL was conceived by award winning accessories and jewelry designer Lisa Darke. Over the years her passions have resulted in a fine jewelry gallery, women's fashion boutique and even a chic Lexington Avenue style baby and children's shop.  With a lifetime goal of retiring to Coastal New England, an opportunity arose to relocate sooner than the projected retirement age.  What's a Nauti girl to do?  After several months of coastal immersion, nautical nuance and much soul searching, NAUTI PEARL was born.  Much like nature's process of producing a cultured pearl, Lisa's collection has been formed one layer at a time, with each curation adding to the core of the collecton.  Her keen eye for design and newfound appreciation for affordable fashion have combined to create a line that is at once fashionable, playful, and bold.  Drawing on classic styles of multi layered pearls, coastal icons, enamel and rhinestone embellishments, NAUTI PEARL designs are a modern twist on your favorite classics.    

NAUTI PEARL is available online and in select boutiques.